This is a great opportunity to make money online and start your own business with no cost to start up. It is totally free to join and you pick a website theme or wordpress theme you want and you are up and running in Minutes. Its all customizable and you can re-brand to any name you pick for hosting company.

Here is a rundown of what you get :

    1. Wholesale prices for yourself on Hosting and Domains right away.
    2. Super Fast Server for awesome load times for yourself and your customers.
    3. Average 20 min. response times for customer support for your customers. And guaranteed 1 hour response times.
    4. 99.9% uptime.
    5. Free Website and Domain for your Reseller Website with Dozens of themes and templates to choose from.
    6. You pick your own resell prices for all the hosting packages and domain name and they auto change on your website.
    7. The Hosting company handles all billing and customer service for your customers, you just collect the money(the difference between your wholesale price and what you charge).
    8. Great customer service for yourself and your customers.
    9. Residual Income as long as your customers continue you keep getting paid for hosting and domains.
    10. Free step by step formula for promotion
    11. Rebrand to whatever you want to name it and pick your own domain if you wish with rebranded name hosting.
    12. Free wordpress themes and plug in with over 100 pages on your website!
    13. Back office to track all your customers, the hosting company takes care of all renewals and reminder renewals for you customers.
    14. 2nd tier commissions if you sign up resellers under you of 10% from their sales in addition to your own sales.

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There has been several comments lately asking me what host I use because the site loads quickly. My host a few weeks ago upgraded their servers and its 5 times faster now. I have been with them for awhile and they have great customer service. I have emailed them several times when I need some help figuring something out and they always answer in about 15 to 20 minutes with very helpful answers.

They have a guaranteed response time of 1 hour and have recently redone the whole layout in your hosting panel. Check them out. Great prices too, starting at just $3.33/Month

One of the best places to get SEO Services and is The largest SEO marketplace in the world is SEO Clerks They have more specialized services than other marketplaces and more highly rated sellers. Prices starting as low as $1. Get your website on track for making more money by getting ranked higher in google search engine and help building backlinks and twitter followers.

Another Great website to use for learning skills that will help you make money online like WordPress, Web Development and App Building is Team Treehouse.

They have a great set up with videos from instructors to walk you thru each step and there are quizzes at the end of sections to make sure you are retaining the new skills and also challenges that are fun.

They also have a great feature called Tracks, instead of wading thru tons of videos on different subjects you get on a Track to what you want to learn. So if you wanted to learn WordPress and you got on that track they would put together all the relevant videos in the best order into one course that is broken down into smaller sections. Each subsection is only 5 to 10 minutes so you don’t get bogged down and confused with the new learning.

You also earn points and badges with each section you complete and quiz you pass and those show in your profile, its fun to see your badges and points add up and when you acquire a lot of points they even have a job board to help you get a real job with your new skills.

Right now there is a free trial offer –> Two week free trial offer at – Try it today!

These are great skills that can help you on your quest to make money online from home or start your own business building websites or apps to make money.
Good luck and I hope to see you there.

One very helpful way to start making money online is to start a blog or website. With the help of wordpress you can have a website without knowing any HTML or CSS. It does help if you know some of the basics of those tho but not required. WordPress makes it possible to do anything with just clicking the mouse and is totally free to use and has 1000′s of free themes to choose that will be the basic starting layout of your website or blog.

From there you customize it based on what you want to do. You can change the header(top graphic section) to whatever you want, maybe a picture you have or design something yourself if you know how or it only costs $5 on Fiverr to get someone to do it for you. You pick a subject that you enjoy and start blogging about it and there are many ways to monetize your blog. One thing that is important is to have your own domain name( that you own verses using one of the free blogging software ones where you will have an ugly domain name( for example and you will never own it, so anything could happen and they could take it down and all your work would be gone. It only costs an average of $10-$13 a year to purchase your domain.

2 of the top domain registrars are GoDaddy which you can use here:
 Get a Website to Make Money Online

and Name cheap here:
 Get a Website to Make Money Online

You can go there and start typing in what you want and a list will come up with what is available. Try to get a .com name as opposed to .net or .org if possible and obviously the fewer amount of letter the better but people have had many
years to pick top domain names so most of the 1 or 2 word domains will be gone.

Then you need hosting to put your wordpress site on. Hosting runs on average $5-$10 a month and most of those plans get you unlimited domains and traffic, meaning you can put dozens of websites on your hosting plan for only like $10/month. This can be separate from the place you bought your domain name and most people do it separate for example because GoDaddy has hosting also along with domains for sale, I have heard lots of varying opinions on how good the hosting is there so you could use them or one of the others that have better reviews.

3 of the top web hosting companies are:


 Get a Website to Make Money Online


 Get a Website to Make Money Online


 Get a Website to Make Money Online

They are all 3 excellent choices and are the top choices of Internet Marketers and anyone else wanting a website. So for only a few dollars a month you can have your very own money making opportunity that you can do from home and earn money doing something fun.

Assuming you get the domain and hosting separate you then just point the name servers of your domain to your hosting site and install wordpress at your host and you are up and running. Or you could get domain and host together the choice is your.

It is very helpful to take some step by step courses that will guide you thru the whole process and teach you about the themes and plug ins and settings and how to try to get your website ranked high in google search engine results. There are several great ones Here at Udemy.

Discover Udemy’s technology & entrepreneurship courses!

This is a very good way to make money online from home or start a business for yourself. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Fiverr- There are many things you can do on Fiverr to make money. You make up gigs that you can do for $5. But Fiverr collects $1 of it each time but if you select easy gigs that you are good and fast at you can make some good money. I have run across the most comprehensive guide on making big money on Fiverr recently, You will learn ways to ramp up your fiverr gigs into a huge business for yourself. You can see it Here:
164084 6c51 Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Craigslist- It is very popular and easy to sell items on. You can sell things you don’t need around the house and make some quick money or you can visit garage sales and thrift stores and pick up great deals and turn around and sell them on craigslist.

Mechanical turk- It is run by amazon and you sign up for free and complete small jobs that you get paid for. The pay is very small for each task but if you do lots of them a day you can make some extra money.

Microworkers- It is the same concept as Mechanical Turnk but there are less jobs available but they do pay a little bit more money.

Learn Website building- Learn How to build websites or even just wordpress sites that make very nice websites and are much easier to learn to build. Then you slowly build a client list and as you complete websites you can use those as examples to show future clients. You can then work from your home making money building websites. There are lots of great courses right here that are fun and interactive, take a look. Discover Udemy’s technology & entrepreneurship courses! Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online For more information on starting your own website see my post Get a Website to Make Money Online

Freelancers- It has much bigger tasks that require more skills and you bid for the jobs that are available. The jobs are tasks that can range from under an hour to days of work. There are 100′s of categories and you list your skills and then you can view relevant jobs. They do charge you $5 to take different tests to prove your skills if you want to show the jobs you are bidding on that you have passed those test it gives you a higher chance of getting the work and making some money. It is also a great place to post jobs that you need to get done for reasonable prices.

Ebay- Running an Ebay business is a popular way to make money onine and there are many ways to accomplish this. There are several courses here to get you started some are even free. Use the search feature there and find ebay courses. Discover Udemy’s top courses! Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Iwriter- This is a great way to make money if you enjoy writing articles. There are people making a living on this site. Depending on how long the article is and how skilled of a writer you are determines how much is paid for the articles. You will need to write a lot of articles a day to make some decent money. Also this is a great place to get articles for your business or website or whatever your need for very reasonable prices.

Get paid for surveys- There are many websites for this and you sign up and see what surveys you qualify for and how much they pay and if you want to take them. Here is one of the more popular ones:
Cash For Surveys

Lending Clubs- There are several sites where you can lend money to qualified people that want to borrow and make money from interest while they make monthly payments. Usually you read there story and background and join in with lots of other people that put in small amounts of money to make up the total loan. So for example if the loan was for $5000, there might be 50 people loaning $100 each. Basically if you have a few $1000 to invest then you spread it around like that to minimize your risk in case of default. Lending Club is probably the most popular.


I am excited to tell you about an awesome way to learn online skills that will help you in forming online business, making money online, building websites and the list goes on and on. They have over 12,000 courses!

You learn at your own pace and can see a list of the other students taking the class and can message any of them or post course discussion for anyone taking the course to join in or for the teacher to answer any questions.

It is a very fun way to learn, I am taking many courses there now, once you sign up for a course you access to it for life and you receive certificates for completed courses. You can view the courses On your computer, IPhone, Ipad, and Android devices. These are not college courses that cost $1000′s They are smaller in most cases quicker courses that mostly range from Free to $97.

You learn real skills tho that will help you going forward. Do yourself a favor and take a look at what they have to offer and I have a special coupon code that will give you 60% off any course. Its only good for 1 week tho.

Use the search function when you get to the website to search for your interests. Discover Udemy’s top courses! Udemy Online Learning Courses




There are many online money making sites that say they offer real ways to make money at home online but most of the time that doesn’t seem to be the case. However there is one that is delivering.

A company called Legitimate Online Jobs offers instant access to over 2000 pre-screened, legitimate and high quality online jobs. They add over 150 New jobs every week. Just a few of the categories are Accounting, Computer, Customer Service, Editing, Writing and dozens more.

Part time and full time opportunities exist so go take a look for yourself, you won’t regret it.


There are many ways to make money online and I will be discussing a lot of them here. Just to give you a few ideas you can write articles and sell them online, you can perform small tasks that you are good at for money, you can sell your services online, fill out surveys, get paid to review things, listen to music, sell things on ebay or craigslist, start your own blog about something you enjoy or take cheap courses online that teach you skills you can use to get into business for yourself and make money online. You can contribute to websites like about and yahoo, sell your pictures, write ebooks, become a virtual assistant and Dozens of other things.